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PlayMock - Zero data streaming

The Future of dataless streaming is here delivering a faster and more stable wireless connection to stream movies with zero data usage ā€” up to 5x faster than 4G.

Device Features

Designed for you

  • Dataless

    Faster connection time for all devices stream movies with zero data usage ā€” up to 5x faster than 4G.

  • Multi Streaming

    Connect up to 8 devices at once perfect for streaming movies for the whole family.

  • Secure

    Protect your device with a WPA2 password.

  • Mobile

    Functions anywhere with up to 8 hours of battery life.

About Us

Innovative solutions for the future

PlayMock is a media platform that provides high quality content that is mobile, convenient, and completely dataless. Yes, streaming without data usage is now a reality.

On our platform you can enjoy streaming 100+ movies without data. Our goal is to put quality entertainment into the hands of the everyday consumer at an affordable price.

App Features

PlayMock app features

Live Search

Search our content by actor name, movie title and more

Picture in picture view

Continue watching your movie while browsing for more interesting content

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Mirror Cast

Send your entertainment right to your tv

Secure Data

Monitors your streaming to ensure you never streaam with your phone data.


PlayMock app user interface

Easy to connect

How it works?


Turn the PlayMock device on by pressing the power button

Open your device Wi-Fi setting and connect to the PlayMock Wi-Fi just like any other Wi-Fi device.

After a simple setup, PlayMock Wi-Fi automatically connects to your device every time it is turn on.

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Launch The App

Download the PlayMock app from Google play or the App Store

Launch the PlayMock app click on the green button when it appears

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Now you are ready to stream

Browse our media gallery for the content that best suits you.

We do our best to provide you with the best media content available from movies to tv shows.

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Coming Soon

Will be available on all platforms

PlayMock will be available for both android and ios devices.

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We are always happy to hear from you please feel free to leave us a message.