Refund Policy


Refund policy

We’re so convinced you’ll absolutely love our products, that we’re willing to offer a 7day risk-free money back guarantee on device only given that the device is in same condition as new and a 20% restock fee if the return is not due to manufacturer default .  If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason you can get a refund within 7 days of making a purchase.  You would also be entitled to a refund if we fail to deliver the content (purchased digital content) for your view due to technical issues on our end.  We offer a 1 yr warranty on parts for the PlayMock device. 


Additional services

Please note that any additional services, custom work or technical support are non-refundable as our time cannot be recovered.


Contacting us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may do so via the “Contact form” or send an email to